Adding A Little Spark to your Floor

When installing epoxy flooring, the creative options are endless. A recent trend is by adding some glitter to epoxy flooring for a stylish aesthetic.

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More and more spaces are looking for attractive flooring that is unique and easy to maintain. Now a touch of glitter can be added to epoxy flooring to create a subtle yet attractive flooring surface. Most often, a small portion of glitter is used and applied to a complementary background of colored epoxy. Although the glitter does not stand out in bright sunlight, it is perceived as a striking glint under mood lighting conditions. These types of floors sparkle with life and create a gentle and appealing ambiance.

Mixing Epoxy



All That Glitters

During application of a second layer of floor coating, the glitter is gently blown out over the floor while the epoxy is still liquid. As a result, swirls settle in and are permanently trapped. In addition, a three-finger pinch of glitter with the applicator is all that is needed. The most common colors available are silver or gold, but there are other colors available. These color combinations include red, blue, green, and copper. A personally customized floor is easy to create by combining a choice of glitter with any of dozens of epoxy colors and/or colored chip options.

Other looks available include granite, tile, and slate. Logos, stripes and “yellow brick roads” are sometimes added to the floors of restaurants, garages with collector cars, basements, and even food processing plants. The finish can be gloss, flat, or satin. Additionally, the floors may be skid-resistant, like emery paper, yet still easy to sweep or squeegee.

Glitter Texture

How to Clean an Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring goes on at the job site and requires no seams. With no breaks in the surface, the floor coating becomes a continuous membrane that seals from above and below. Mold, mildew, and other contaminants cannot penetrate the epoxy membrane and wash off easily.

One leading floor coating manufacturer, Durall Industrial Flooring of Minneapolis, also makes over 500 specialty cleaners. Their special preparations of cleaners produce an application system that assures optimum flooring adhesion and wear results. Durall experts help customize their flooring kits at no cost to the customer, and always include complete procedures for installing and maintaining a quality epoxy or urethane floor coating. To address those unexpected questions and problems, Durall also provides a complimentary 24/7 help line during the project.

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