Top Terrazzo Trends for 2018

Terrazzo is a trend that will always stay in style. Our guest blogger from All Things Flooring, Stephanie Samuel, talks about why Terrazzo is such a hot trend for 2018. Stephanie is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role also includes social media marketing and online brand advocacy.

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There are many materials that drift in and out of fashion. In a time where dark wood has been replaced with natural oak and Minton tiles for marble, one trend that is standing the test of time is terrazzo.

With a mixture of colors available, terrazzo is a great way to turn your floor or walls into a canvas to express your inner interior designer. Whether your taste is bright and bold or modern and minimalist, we’ve got some great terrazzo trends for you.

Modern Minimalism

If your taste is simple and minimalist, then choosing terrazzo in striking white hues could be the way forward.

Terrazzo contains aggregates, which are incorporated into the resin mix, and later diamond ground to deliver a smooth finish. These aggregates can include glass, marble, mirror glass, mother of pearl, granite and flint, although other blends can also be produced. With a clean, white floor, marble and glass aggregates shimmer like glitter, creating an extremely glamorous effect as they catch the light. This is ideal in smaller spaces where bouncing the light can make a space feel much larger.

Modern Minimalism

Go Bright or Go Home

One key characteristic of terrazzo is the ability to create extremely bold colours that are both dramatic and eye-catching.

In residential environments, colorful aggregates can be incorporated into the floor to add pops of color that match pieces of furniture or complement an overall color scheme. In more commercial settings, color can be used to reflect brand identity or clearly define different areas within a single space.

Go Bright or go Home

Warm and Welcoming

In larger spaces, creating a sense of warmth may be top of your priority list. In this case, terrazzo in earthy tones could be used to create warmth. Here, a light brown coloured resin has been used in a coffee shop, mirroring both the product on offer and also creating a welcoming aesthetic that is likely to make customers want to stay and enjoy their purchase.

Utilizing slightly warmer tones, whether this be in the color of the resin itself or through aggregates can have a very clean yet relaxing effect on a space. There is just enough warmth to be welcoming, and just enough coolness to give a clean, fresh visual.

Aggregates Close Up

Cool Contrasts

With terrazzo being such a versatile material, it complements several other flooring materials and can be used to create wonderful juxtapositions.

Take the example above of a swanky bar in London, UK. This hard-wearing terrazzo system is used for a walkway from the front door all the way to the bar area. Not only is this material ideal to use where there is likely to be heavy footfall and spilled drinks, thanks to its robustness, but it also distinguishes the bar area from the dining area.

The contrast of the resin system with the wooden flooring of the dining space works well and creates a luxuriously modern aesthetic.

Cool Contrasts

Long Live Terrazzo

As well as being particularly robust, terrazzo is also extremely easy to clean thanks to its seamless nature, meaning that the material will stay looking fresh and fabulous for an extended period of time.

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