How Throw Cushions Can Amplify your Home

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Throw cushions literally live up to their name – they are cushions that you can throw around in a room. Since they are small in size, they are easy to handle and carry, either inside the house or in the car. Simply put, throw cushions can give a cozy feeling to a home.

Cushion Chair

Making a Good First Impression

The first thing that strikes visitors whenever they enter a house is elegant and brightly colored throw cushions. For new house occupants, interior designers or architects often suggest throw cushions as an accent. It is up to the house owner to decide which throw cushion can synchronize with the interiors. If the house owner does not have a taste for colors and choice, it is best left to the interior designer to take a final call.

If you are somebody with great passion for colors and decoration, then the choice should be yours. Throw cushions are available at any home decor retail chain outlet and online. They come in various sizes, colors and materials like silk, cotton, synthetic and polyester. The filling inside the cushion also comes in various textures like cotton, synthetic cotton, fiber and thermocol beads.

Colorful Cushions

What’s Cotton Got to Do with It

Choosing a throw cushion with cotton filling is good for all seasons. Cotton does not absorb heat and dissipates it; however, synthetic cotton generates heat. It may not be good for your health, particularly when you place your head on it for a long time. Cushions with synthetic cotton is not recommended for sleeping or use on mattress during nights – they should be used for a shorter duration. On the other hand, cushions with synthetic cotton offer maximum comfort – resting on such cushions can be a comfortable experience. Cushions with ordinary cotton do not have the same effects. These cushions are compared to those with synthetic cotton. A majority of the home decorators, however, recommend cushions with synthetic cotton since they can be shaped perfectly. They look stylish and elegant in your drawing room.

Cushion Couch

The cushion cover comes in various color combinations. Starting from bright colors to dull, cushions also offer designer looks like embroidered upholstery. Throw cushions are so diverse that they work for people with different styles. Make sure you choose the best of the colored cushions that match the color of a house’s walls. A stark contrast of colors can create a distasteful ambience.

Stack of Cushions

Throw cushions can come from all over like Italy, China and India, while the branding is done by the retailer. All of these types of cushions are of a high quality more or less and offer the same level of comfort.

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