A Guide to Choosing Bunk Beds

If you're considering purchasing a bunk bed for your children, be sure to do the proper research and find a safe and stylish option.

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Bunk beds are a great way to maximize the floor space of a shared room. There are now bunk beds available with storage drawers, roll out mattresses and even some that double as desks and workstations. All the additional amenities that bunk beds offer are certainly something to consider, but nothing is more important than safety. If you know what to look for, you will get a great looking bunk bed that serves its purpose.

Modern Bunk Beds

Safety Precautions

Not all bunk beds are created equal. There are several manufacturers of bunk beds who make quality furniture pieces, and by doing the proper research, you can purchase the right bed for your children.

All bunk beds should have rails for the top bunk. Without question, the number one cause of bunk bed related injuries stems from children falling out of the top bunk. A quality bunk bed will never be without a rail so high off the floor. Additionally, parents should make sure the rails are tight and secure after the bunk bed has been purchased or assembled.

Ladder placement is important – they will either be on the sides or front of the bed. A good rule of thumb is that bunk beds with four feet or four posts touching the ground should have the ladder in front, meaning on the long side of the bed that usually faces out from the wall (provided the bed is set against a wall). You should only see ladders on the short ends of the bunk bed if the bed has a solid foundation on both ends. As a result, wood or metal will go all the way across the end that touches the floor. The reason is that front side ladders are at an angle while end ladders are straight up and down. If your child slips on a front sided ladder, which is always angled, they will not fall straight down, and will eliminate the possibility of landing on the bottom bunk rails or getting an appendage caught in the bed. This can happen with a vertical ladder, which is why they should only be placed on the ends of beds, preferably with walled or semi-walled ends that go all the way to the floor. This precaution will prevent your child from getting an appendage caught on the bed should they fall on a vertical ladder.

Colorful Bunk Beds

The Proper Construction

Bunk bed construction is also very important. Wood has substantially less compression strength than metal, so while wooden bunk beds are certainly fine, be wary of those that don’t weigh much more than their metal counterparts. Wood bunk beds are just as good as metal bunk beds, but should weigh considerably more. Being an educated consumer will allow you to purchase the bunk bed you want while making sure that your children’s safety needs are met. Buying a bunk bed should not be a window shopping type of purchase. You must do your research before handing over your credit card number to the store. Be sure to shop many different stores both online and in person.

Pink and Purple Bunk Beds

Decisions, decisions…

Just because bunk beds look great, it doesn’t mean that they will be safe and secure and built with quality materials and craftsmanship. After all, it is our children that will be sleeping and playing on them so you need to educate yourself on what to look for.

The first decision you need to make is what type of bed you want your children to have: a bunk, loft, triple, twin, wood or metal. After you have reached your bedding type, then consider the following safety checklist when shopping:

  • Find a dealer you can trust – make sure they stand behind their products and can answer any questions regarding the safety of the bed.
  • Find out the weight limits on the bunk bed you want to purchase. The last thing you need is to get the bunk bed home and later find out that the assembled bunk can’t handle the required weight.
  • Look to see if the bottom of the bed frames have enough room for a box spring mattress to go under the child’s mattress or if the beds have wooden supports for the mattress to sit on. Having a box spring mattress provides more comfort and support.
  • Make sure the bunk beds have plenty of room on the bottom bunk for the kids to sit on comfortably. This strategy will also help keep the kids from playing on the top bunk where it can be more dangerous.
  • Look to see if the bunk beds have a safety sticker outlining the safety guidelines for the bed.
  • Ensure the bunk bed is made of strong, quality materials. You can shake the bed to see if it is durable and stable. Ask or look to see if the bunk bed is made out of solid wood or if it is made using particle board – particle board isn’t as strong as solid wood.
  • Make sure the corners and edges on the bunk bed are smooth and rounded. Sharp or blunt edges can serve up many bumps and bruises.
  • The ladder should be securely attached and be wide enough for your child to climb. The ladder should also not be removable by children. In addition, make sure the rungs on the ladder are properly spaced – they should not have to take a large step up to step on the next rung.
  • Purchase bunk beds with guardrails all the way around the bed that cannot be removed by children. The guardrails should be able to be removed by a fastener device or some type of combination pressure lifting.

Following these steps when shopping for bunk beds will help ensure your children’s safety when playing or sleeping in their new bunk bed. It will also give you peace of mind when making the purchase.

Two Kids Bunk Beds

Doing the Research

The local library may be a good source of advice regarding bed products. There are also resources available online – you should make use of such sources of cost-free bed guidance, good bed product info can on occasions be hard to find.

Bed experts will be capable offering you a lot of prime niche assistance on matters such as getting the best deals on and how to obtain the proper item guarantee whenever getting a bed. Their expertise will surely help you get the best product for your needs.

If you take your time and do the proper research, bed tips can be easily accessible. If you require expert assistance on merchandise, such as black iron beds, then try and locate a number of specialized bed write ups.

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