Buying a Pellet Stove Online

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The first step to buying a pellet stove online is to research which corn or wood pellet stove is appropriate for your home heating needs. Consider the size of your home, its floor plan and the existing heating system. Also, measure door openings to make sure your new stove will make it into the house.

A bigger stove (40,000 + BTUís) is better than a small stove. Don’t worry about the room getting too hot with a large stove – all the new pellet stoves have thermostats. If you go online and type in “buy wood pellet stove” or “buy corn stove,” you’ll get a huge amount of page results from Google. Instead, try one of these three online sellers of wood pellet stoves: Homeclick, MoreHome and NorthernTool. Check out the overall reputation of the online store you’re considering for your purchase. – the BizRate shopping search works well for this.

Burning Pellets

Once you’ve decided which stove to buy and from which source, there are a few more factors to consider.

Discounts and Credit Sales

Some online retailers will offer a 10% discount. Most offer free shipping, zero down or extended payments. Some will offer all of the above.

Sales Tax

With the exception of a few states, buying online will save you sales tax of 5% or more.


Most online stores offer free shipping on a number of stoves. Due to its weight, your stove will be delivered by truck. The truck driver will unlikely help with any offloading, so you’ll have to get some people to help you.

Corn Stove


Do not order vent pipes, elbows, or other parts from the online store where you purchased your stove. Let your installer order the parts that conform to local building codes. Estimated installation costs will run from $400 and upwards from $700. If you don’t know an approved installer, companies such as Service Magic can help you locate one in your area.

Buying a wood pellet or corn stove online can save you a lot of money. It requires substantial planning, preparation and patience.

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