Everything You Need to Know About Lamps

Lamps come in a variety of styles and are used for different purposes. Our latest guide talks about all the different kinds of lamps and how to use them in your home.

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All types of lamps are used in multiple ways. Before the advent of electric lights, homes were lit with conventional lamps of different sizes and shapes; for instance, the popular Arabian fable Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. While the story speaks of a mysterious lamp, the new generation of lamps can speak to the story of innovative lighting in modern homes. Here are some of the types of utility and ornamental lamps.

The Striking Table Lamp

Table lamps are designed to use while reading or writing and made to fit on the top of a flat surface. The variety of table lamps available in the market have different purposes. The major variety of table lamps that are popular are contemporary, candle stick and trophy lamps. A candle stick lamp presents an elegant appearance. They are normally designed with a circular base and lean and tall body. The lamp shade usually rests on top of the thin body. Most of these lamps have the flexibility to move in any direction, and can be a striking piece.

Nowadays, many table lamps are artistically designed and carry beautiful works of art. They also come with a variety of metal bases like iron and bronze. Even though these lamps may be a bit expensive, they serve the purpose as a piece of art more than a lighting fixture.

Table Lamp

Floor Lamps: A Necessity in Every Home

Another variety of lamp is the floor lamp, normally tall and preferred to fit into the ambience of the well designed interior of a home. These type of lamps give sufficient light either to a specific area or to the entire room. This is best suited to readers who enjoy late hours of reading at the comfort of their reclining chairs so that the lamp can be placed behind the chair. Many artistic lamps are available in this category like the goose neck variety, the Tiffany floor lamps, and others.

Floor Lamp

Other Types of Lamps

There are many other variety of lamps in homes. Adjustable arm floor lamps that facilitate the movement of the lamp to any place of your choosing. However, these types of lamps are a bit costly and have to be bought as per genuine requirement only.

There are also lamps specially designed for children. They come in a plethora of styles and designs for any gender. Some of these lamps come in cartoon characters, or with animals and birds to add a fun element.

School-age children also have their choice in desk lamps. There are wonderful desk lamps that provide sufficient lighting  to make their study and home work a breeze.

Wall Lamps and lights are used on the wall with a variety of styles. There are recessed lights, which are helpful and decorative in kitchen areas or bathrooms, and there are wall sconces which add warmth and ambiance. For a unique and different look, try creating a wall arrangement using wall sconces instead of candelabras or candle sconces.

Wall Lamp

Picture lights are used primarily to highlight pictures and artwork in your home. These work similar to spotlights by focusing the majority of their light on the artwork. Most are very decorative, and they come in a variety of styles to match whatever your decorating theme might be.

Lastly, oil lamps can still be bought in many places today. Some are replicas, meaning they don’t actually burn oil to create light – they simply look like the oil lamps used from the past. Other oil lamps do have a wick and can burn oil. Most people use the actual oil burning lamps for decoration only, and you can even buy colored oil to fill the lamps for an additional decorative touch.

Oil Lamp

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