Are Sun Rooms or Solariums Safe?

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Most Americans prefer having a roof deck in their homes, so they can have private tanning sessions. Others opt for sun rooms or solariums to get that sought-after tan. However, is using a sun room or solarium safe? Here is some essential information about sun rooms and solariums.

A Brief History

The concept of a solarium or sun room has changed over the years. From the rooftop solarium of a house as it is known in Rome to the castle roof solarium as it was known during the medieval period, solariums and sun rooms have adapted for the times. In the past, solariums were typically located at the upper floor of the house, usually with large windows surrounding the room to welcome sunlight.

Solariums were not really made for tanning because medieval women used the solariums as their nook where they spent hours exchanging pleasantries.


Modern Solariums and Sun Rooms

During modern times, sun rooms became more extravagant and elegant. Today, sun rooms are built surrounded by window glasses. Some sun rooms are even built with walls made of glass. Sun rooms are also used by the family members as a relaxation area where they can entertain visitors or host parties. These days, sun rooms are built to serve as greenhouses where exotic plants are kept and grown.

Outdoor Sun Room

Today’s Usage

The concept of using sun rooms as tanning rooms is relatively new but has attracted homeowners who find the idea practical. Instead of going to tanning shops or spas, there are home owners who buy the sun rooms to get a little bit of color.

Having your own sun room can be practical and cost effective. It can save you time and money in going to tanning salons. However, people who use sun rooms for tanning purposes should be aware of the dangers of too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Bright Sun Room

Sun Safety

Even if you are just in you sun room, you have to make sure you are protected by wide-brimmed hats. To be more practical about it, use sun protecting creams or sunscreens with higher protection level. The common belief is that a person does not need sunscreen if he is just in the confines of their home. Of course, a sun room is just within your home but you are getting more sun exposure so you have to protect your skin and your eyes.

You can enjoy your sun rooms but do not endanger your health by enjoying your sun rooms without proper protection.

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