These Autumn Wreaths Will Make Your Home the Most Stylin’ in Town

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When I was growing up, wreaths always reminded me of Christmas. My mother would hang wreaths on our front door with a beautiful red ribbon. Now, wreaths have been made popular in every season. We all know Fall is the best season (I’m not wrong), seeing as it is the time that celebrates Halloween. I’ve been enjoying all the celebrity Halloween costumes, I must say. Harry Styles as Elton John, anyone? However, I digress: Fall wreaths are the must-have accessory of the season, and here are some ideas on how to put them in your home.

Autumn Decor

Colors of the Falls

Autumn wreaths often attempt to take the most beautiful elements of the fall season and to combine them in one artistic statement. They will often feature the striking colors of fall foliage and often reflect an outdoors or country look.

Autumn wreaths can be based on any number of foundations. Some have found the rustic and neutral look of a grapevine wreath makes a perfect foundation for an autumn wreath. Others may prefer to work from a woodier twig base. It is even possible to start with a basic wreath form (often made of foam and available at craft and hobby stores). Whatever option is used can work wonderfully as a springboard for beautiful fall decorating. The Happier Homemaker offers a great DIY tutorial on an Autumn Wheat and Pheasant Wreath.

Beautiful Wreath

Leaves as Inspiration

Autumn wreaths can be made from the season’s fallen leaves. Such projects, although beautiful, are short-lived as the leaves dry and crack. As such, many wreath makers rely upon silk and other artificial leaves to decorate their wreaths. Accents are often provided by simple homemade bows. Small seasonal decorations (for instance a miniature scarecrow) are sometimes attached to the finished product with a glue gun as a way of commemorating the autumn months. The Spruce Craft offers a unique take on How to Make a Full Wreath using unusual items.

Autumn Wreath Home

No Rules Apply

There are no rules or limits one must obey when creating an autumn wreath. The idea is to capture the essence of autumn in the wreath, and that can be accomplished in any number of ways. An autumn wreath is an exercise in creativity and many beautiful decorations have been produced around the theme.

Wreaths are not exclusively for the Christmas holidays. A decorative wreath can brighten any home, and wreaths celebrating autumn provide a unique opportunity to bring the essence of the outdoors into one’s home.

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