Elements of Hacienda Style Living

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Hacienda style is a great look that has been sought after in many homes. Originating in Latin America, haciendas were a large landed estate generally used for farming. Now, the style is being replicated in many homes. Here are some common areas in your house where you can implement Hacienda Style.

The All-Purpose Living Room

While some people opt for darker tunes, a bright look can enhance the Hacienda style. Adding a wood-beam ceiling with a white color or some patterned pillows can be a great way to add elements of Hacienda style.

Hacienda Kitchen

Everyone Gathers in the Kitchen

Kitchens usually benefit from a more traditional approach. In other rooms, it may be easier to remodel, but redoing elements in a kitchen can cause difficulties. Some looks that never go out of style include corniced cabinets. Also, when thinking about your island, you can add some earth tones, a bell-shaped hood or a butcher-block countertop to showcase the Hacienda style.

Hacienda Dining Room

Get Creative in the Dining Room

The dining room is an area where you can get playful and creative. Many people dream of eating at a wood farm table for a rustic flair, and any marks or flaws only add character. You may not think about adding a rug in a dining room, but a rug or serape with a bold pattern can add to a cozy vibe. To make sure your rug doesn’t get stained, line it up right under the table. Other chic dining room looks in the Hacienda style include a big iron or bronze chandelier.

Rustic Bedroom

A Rustic Bedroom

For Hacienda elements in the bedroom, a woodsy bed makes all the difference. You can add a rustic bedframe and use wood side tables accented by bright geometric bed linens and a rug. Embroidered florals are also popular.

Rustic Bathroom

A New Take on Bathroom Space

The Hacienda look can add personality to your bathroom. It’s a great place to add another bold rug, and some wood elements. If you can find a wooden piece that is also perfect for storage, this will take your bathroom to the next level.

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