4 Simple Squeaky Floor Tips

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Prolonged cycles of contracting in dry winters and expanding in humid summers may cause squeaks in your hardwood floor. Air conditioning in summer and humidifying in winter will prevent extreme cycles. But squeaks are easily repaired.

1) Wax

To silence a squeak, try applying liquid wax.

Old Squeaky Floor Boards

2) Powdered Soap

Pour some powdered soap between the floor boards that are squeaking.

Powder Soap

3) Talcum Powder

Talcum powder or powdered graphite are also great in reducing the squeaky friction.

Talcum Powder

4) Nailed it

If all else fails, drive two-inch finishing nails through pilot holes near both edges of the board, then hide the hole with matching color putty or wax.

Finishing Nails

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