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Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

You don’t need to be rich to decorate your home beautifully. Plus, you don’t have to accomplish all your decorating needs at once. The ideal way is to decorate your home one step at a time, one room at a time.

How Throw Cushions Can Amplify your Home

Throw cushions literally live up to their name – they are cushions that you can throw around in a room. Since they are small in size, they are easy to handle and carry, either inside the house or in the car. Simply put, throw cushions can…

All About Futons: The Various Benefits

Futons are a comfortable household item that can serve as a portable or transportable bed. Although futons can be damaged, they can be repaired more easily than a traditional mattress since its interior matting is packed in a structured,…

Light Fixtures: Making a Comeback

Light fixtures are sometimes neglected in the interior design world. Wherever possible, homeowners will significantly cut back on the light fixture budget in favour of something they think is more important.

A Guide to Choosing Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great way to maximize the floor space of a shared room. There are now bunk beds available with storage drawers, roll out mattresses and even some that double as desks and workstations.