Everything You Need to Know About Spanish Tiles

The rustic look is coming back in style. Spanish tiles are an elegant choice if you want to add some rustic character to your home.

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Handmade and artisanal products are increasing in popularity. If you want to turn your flooring to have an artistic vibe, Spanish floor tile is an excellent choice. With rustic properties, this type of flooring is a go-to option for many due to its varieties in color and shapes. Not only is this floor unique and attractive, but it has many added benefits.

Spanish Tile

Can’t Scratch This

Many people are opting for Spanish tile flooring because it doesn’t scratch or affect the color layer on the surface. Many companies use environmentally-friendly materials, and offer various textures. In addition, many of these tiles are rated for their freeze cycles.

One tile option is the Talavera type (Mexican or deco tile). This particular tile has been made in Mexico for hundreds of years, and each one is hand painted by artists. Many artists use patterns that have been around for a long time, and are a part of the heritage.   

Choosing Cement Tile

Cement tile for Spanish flooring has many benefits. These qualities of the tile include its durability, broad color palette, and adaptability for sizes and shapes. With cement tile, there is much room for creativity, and it can even be used on walls. It is available in both interior and exterior, providing flexible, handmade options.

Saltillo Tile: A Popular Choice 

Another type of Spanish tile is the Saltillo tile. It is generated from clay found in the Northern Mexico region, and created into tiles through the process of drying in the sun.

Saltillo tile is good for the environment. Clay is an environmentally friendly product, but also comfortable. This type of material is soft on feet, and appropriate in all weather conditions. In warmer conditions, the clay flooring heats up your feet, but in the summer it is cooling and comfortable. 

Saltillo tile also comes in a variety of colors, usually in the red to yellow families or a mix of the two. It is handmade and can add character to any home, especially since the material dries outside. A child could put their foot or handprint on the wet tile to create a special memory. 

Because they’re gentler than ceramic tile, Saltillo tile has an attractive weathered look. This type of flooring needs to be sealed before installation, and can be resealed later if you prefer a shiny look. This is optional, and may not be needed in high traffic areas. However, the natural aging process can be desirable depending on your taste.

Rustic Tile

A great benefit of Saltillo tile is that it is easy to maintain and camouflages dirt. Since Saltillo tile is brownish in color, it can be difficult to notice when the floor is dirty and easily hides blemishes. If you have pets or young children, this feature can be an advantage.

In addition, cleaning the floor as needed is a simple task – vacuuming or sweeping will do the trick. If you want to do a more thorough clean after a spill, you can dilute water with vinegar and use a mop.

Look for an Installer with Experience

While Saltillo tile is an exceptional choice, there is one thing to take into consideration. Since the tiles are thicker and individual, the installer needs to be cautious of putting the right amount of adhesive and correctly space the tiles. They also have to be mindful of ensuring there are no air pockets. One solution to the installation process is to look for an installer with experience in Saltillo tiles.

Spanish Tile Installation

The Unique Features of Cantera Stone

Cantera stone is natural stone similar to cast stone and limestone. Rustico Tile’s previous blog post, Cantera Stone: What is it? explains everything you need to know about this stone and why it’s become popular in homes.

Cantera is Spanish for the word quarry, and is only found certain regions of Mexico and South America. In fact, many Mayan and Aztec temples are made of Cantera stone.

This type of stone is exceptionally breathtaking due to its composition and features. It has chips, markings, marring, colour variations and broken corners – these features are sought after. The rustic look is unique and popular with Cantera stone. Like the other previously mentioned types of tile, it is eco-friendly, bio degradable, and does not cause pollution. Furthermore, its high silica content resists mildew and fungi from developing on stones. 

Find the Right Tile

There are many steps to choosing the right tile. The following will help you make your decision:

Choosing color is one of the most important steps. Try several color chips to get a sense of the texture you desire.

Spanish Tile Bathroom

Adding texture can make your entire look. Spanish tiles generally come with a smooth finish, but there is an option to add textural elements. Many people desire a more antique look with weathering – it is a classic look that never goes out of style. There is also a wide range of colors available that you can sample.

Finding the right format, size and shape can make your flooring look remarkable. Test out different varieties to see what works for your project. 

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